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Tax Preparation




We prepare individual and small business tax returns.  We provide pick up, drop off, online and efax service for your tax return.  Contact us for more information and a price quote.

Here's what you get...

Accurate Returns-We take the necessary time to ask the proper questions to make sure you get everything that is owed to you by the IRS.  We then prepare your return, contacting you with any questions to make sure we get it right. Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our computer software identifying potential problems the IRS may look at more closely and reviewing the math to limit IRS contacts.

Peace of mind- Having your return prepared by a professional who double and triple checks your tax return for accuracy so you are less likely to be audited by the IRS.

Convenience- We provide door to door service picking up and dropping off your return.  No waiting rooms, no feeling like a number.  We are family owned and like to get to know each of our clients personally. 

Hassle Free- When you have Happy Returns Tax Service prepare your tax return compared with doing it yourself there is no software issues to deal with, no user names or passwords to remember, and it frees up your time to do the things you enjoy.

High Level of Service- We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide clients.  We do more than just fill out the forms of your tax return.  We explain your tax return to you and identify areas where you can save on taxes the next year.   

This year try a different approach to having your taxes prepared!

Books a Mess: No Problem!
If you own a small business and haven't kept up your bookkeeping, don't worry. We can help you. We'll prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we'll help you set up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year.




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Tax filing starts with $45

1099 -$ 29.99


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