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Prime Edge is a New Jersey based, professional management accounting firm, providing a wide range of tax and accounting services to individual and small businesses.

Whether you wish to minimize your personal taxes or corporate tax liabilities or need a professional to defend a tax audit, Prime Edge Accounting specializes in understanding tax laws in order to help you retain more of your hard earned money.

We prepare your tax return and file it electronically to the IRS. It's accurate, secure and fast, with proof of acceptance within 48 hours. Get your refund in half the usual time with Direct Deposit. The IRS can direct deposit your refund into your account in as little as 10 days.

We prepare returns for all states. No matter where you're located or which state requires a return, let us prepare it for you and save you the headache of requesting the state forms and figuring out state laws.


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We are located in Dayton, NJ, USA

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